NEC Co-op Energy will be giving back $2.5 million in Capital Credits and $3.5 million dollars in Power Perks to members, for a total of $6 million, starting late November through the end of December.


Capital credits represent each member’s ownership of the cooperative. They are the margins credited (or allocated) to the members of the cooperative based on their purchases from the cooperative the previous year. These margins are used by the cooperative as capital to operate the business for a period of time.

The Power Perks are credited to members based on any remaining funds from our Power Perks Adjustment account, created to offset anticipated spikes in electricity prices during summer months. Members typically receive this bill credit on their December bill, which many enjoy just in time for the holiday season.

Electricity Company in Texas, NEC Co-op Energy offers honest, upfront pricing, no contracts and excellent service—and getting back profits is just one of the many reasons that our members love being part of our co-op.

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