Member-to-Member Assistance Donation

When you donate $1 per electricity bill to our Member-to-Member Assistance Fund, we’ll put 100% of the donations toward local assistance agencies to help other members in need pay their electricity bill. Approximately 620 members participate in the program, allowing us to send over $10,500 to area agencies.

To participate, simply donate through your online account, or check the box on the back of your pay stub.

Nueces Charities

Nueces Charities, Inc. is a financial supporter of non-profit charitable organizations whose focus is improving the quality of life in our communities. From education to issues of health, hunger, abuse, and homelessness, Nueces Charities’ efforts help non-profit organizations address and positively impact community life for NEC Co-op Energy members.

Nueces Charities Information

Operation Round-Up

Operation Round-Up is a program where member electric bills are rounded up to the next dollar. When you participate as a member, the extra change goes into Operation Round-Up’s fund and we donate all the funds to Nueces Charities, Inc. Through this program, we’ve granted awards of over $100,000 every year to charitable organizations in our Texas communities.