We love supporting all aspects of our community. But if there’s delicious food involved? Even better. That’s why NEC Co-op Energy is proud to sponsor Cook Local—an initiative through Grow Local South Texas that connects the community with tasty recipes from local chefs using local ingredients.

Check out the first video and recipe cards in this series from Chef Natalie Trevino of The Roughian.

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Remember: community involvement isn’t a fad to us—it’s a mission. From scholarships to member assistance funds, we understand the difference it makes to lend a helping hand.

Here are just a few ways we support our neighbors:

NEC Scholarship Program
We use unclaimed NEC capital credits to propel eligible, graduating high school seniors onto their next steps in college.

Member-to-Member Assistance
We all need help sometimes. This program allows members to donate to help members in need cover their electricity.

Small Business Support
The last year hit everyone hard—but especially small businesses. When new members sign up, we donate to help local small businesses thrive.

Learn more about how we’re helping our community.