My bill seems high this month. Did my rate go up?

Your rate did not increase. In fact, the rate of our Plain & Simple variable month-to-month plan actually decreased from the last bills that were sent out. As a not-for-profit electricity provider, NEC Co-op Energy determines the rate of service based on the cost to supply electricity to members. Therefore, even though the look of our bills changed, your overall charges, rate plan, and service from us has not.

To help lower your bill during the hot summer months, check out some of these energy efficiency tips to help you lower your electricity usage or use the Home Energy Analysis Tool to see how your home is consuming power.


What are the TDU charges on my bill, I have not seen them before?

Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) Delivery Charges are from your local delivery company (i.e. the company you call when the power goes out). These charges cover the cost of maintaining electricity poles and wires, meters, storm restoration, etc. These charges are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are passed through to you without any markup – so you’re not paying more than you should for electricity. In our new bill format, your TDU Delivery Charges are displayed under a separate section on the monthly bill under the description “TDU Pass-Through Charges,” so it’s easier to distinguish the NEC Co-op Energy charges from your local utility company charges. These charges apply to all residential customers, serviced by the TDU, regardless of who their electricity provider is.

This is not a new charge. Your overall charges, rate plan, and service from us has not changed. In the past, NEC Co-op Energy has included them in the overall cost of providing electricity to you and presented one lump rate.  In an effort to make our way of business even more Plain & Simple, we are now showing them in detail so that members can have a better understanding of what they pay for their electric service.



If outages or blinks occur, please call us to report it at 361-387-2581. This is the best way to ensure your outage message is sent directly to our working crews. Remember that our crews work in all kinds of weather to ensure that the power stays on for the rest of us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe and warm!

High winds cause the lines to “gallop” or slap together which can cause continuous blinks that can lead to an extended outage as well. This can also be exacerbated by trees blowing onto the power lines during high winds as well. Tip to remember: our crews cannot work when winds are over 40 mph for their safety.

Recent below freezing temperatures have caused many to run their electric heaters and appliances at the same time to stay warm, causing a higher load on the lines than normal (using nearly double the kWh per hour than air-conditions and have resulted in an increase of electric kWh consumption thus increasing bill amounts). Please pay what you can by the due date and give us a call if you need a little more time to pay the rest.

– NEC Co-op Energy, Electricity Company in Texas