Five ways to make a payment

Pay Online:

Start Paying Online Today!
  1. Free, detailed electric bills
  2. Pay your bill online from anywhere
  3. Available 24-hours a day for FREE
  4. View current and prior billing information
Pay online

Pay By Phone:

Payments can be made for FREE Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. by calling 1-877-NEC-POWR (1-877-632-7697)

If you need to make a payment after hours, call 1-866-439-4158.
Note: You will be charged a convenience fee to make an after hours payment by phone. Convenience fees are $5.20 for credit cards and $2.75 for checks.

Pay at a Fidelity Pay Station:

Find a Fidelity Pay Station

Pay in Person:

709 E. Main Street,
Robstown, TX 78380

Pay by Mail:

Send Payment to:
PO Box 659832
San Antonio TX 78265-9132