Reduce your annual electric expenses through RooflessSolar™

RooflessSolar™ powered by Clean Energy Collective (CEC), allows Commercial NEC Co-op Energy customers to support the generation of clean, renewable energy while saving money on their electric expenses each month!

CEC has teamed with NEC Co-op Energy to bring community-shared solar to south Texas by CEC developing a 700 kW (AC) solar PV facility and NEC Co-op Energy purchasing the output.

Through the NEC Co-op Energy RooflessSolar™ program, you can reduce your business operating expenses by saving up to 10% of your yearly electric costs – guaranteed! Available to commercial NEC Co-op Energy customers, this program can help you further Texas’s renewable energy goals, while saving you thousands of dollars!

Increase your profitability with immediate savings. The NEC Co-op Energy RooflessSolar™ solar facility in Orange Grove is already live and producing clean, renewable solar energy. That means your business will begin saving money as soon as you enroll in the program! CEC works directly with NEC Co-op Energy billing to provide monthly on-bill credits.

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Why you should consider this Community Solar Program:

  • It’s easy to enroll – A CEC Solar Specialist can help you sign up, raising your profit margin in just a few minutes.
  • No upfront costs or enrollment fees – Lock in long-term savings and reduce your operating expenses.
  • RooflessSolar – means nothing on your roof or property, so even if you rent your business space, you can participate and save money.

Is there a program for residential customers?

Yes! We also have a purchase program for residential customers.
Through the NEC Co-op Energy RooflessSolar Program, any residential customer—especially those that rent or lease their properties—can purchase 112.5-Watt panels in the shared array to offset their electric usage charges. CEC’s Community Solar Platform software will automatically track each member’s power generation and integrate into NEC Co-op Energy billing system to provide monthly on-bill credits. All questions regarding purchasing, selling, or energy production/bill credits should be directed to Clean Energy Collective.

About CEC’s Roofless Solar Garden

The 7,000-panel solar garden is located just outside of Orange Grove, Texas. The panels are installed and maintained by Clean Energy Collective. The RooflessSolar technology allows customers to support the generation of clean, renewable energy without having anything installed on their roof or property – or having to worry about maintenance. Many customers don’t qualify for rooftop due to the direction or angle of their roof, and this technology follows the sun’s path across the sky, maximizing solar exposure and power generation by as much as 15% over traditional fixed systems.

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