Clean, Roofless Solar Power

Community solar allows NEC Co-op Energy to serve Texas electricity consumers with clean, roofless solar power. The world’s leading community solar provider, Clean Energy Collective (CEC), has partnered with NEC Co-op Energy to bring community-shared solar to south Texas. CEC developed a 700 kW (AC) solar PV facility, giving customers the opportunity to own local clean energy generation through CEC’s roofless solar program. Members who participate in the program see a credit for the electricity produced on their electric bill each month.

Who can purchase panels?

This array is the first large-scale community solar garden in the Coastal Bend with 7,000 panels available for purchase by any member. NEC Co-op Energy, the only not-for-profit co-op electricity provider in Texas, is able to serve all consumers in Texas who have the ability to choose their electricity provider.

Through the NEC Co-op Energy Roofless Solar Program, any member—especially those that rent or lease their properties—can purchase 100-Watt panels in the shared array to offset their electric usage charges. CEC’s RemoteMeter™ software will automatically track each member’s power generation and integrate into NEC Co-op Energy billing system to provide monthly on-bill credits. All questions regarding purchasing, selling, or energy produces/bill credits should be directed to Clean Energy Collective.

Why Roofless Solar?

Roofless solar allows the greatest number of consumers to participate in and enjoy the benefits of locally produced, clean power. It is much more cost-efficient than having a system installed on your home and many members just don’t have the roof space for solar panels. Similarly, many roofs are either not properly built to support a system or their slopes face the wrong direction (panels are maximized on a west-facing slope).

Many consumers don’t want to take on the burden of maintaining a system, which is understandable since climbing a roof is always risky. Many home-owners mention difficulty with selling a home with solar panels. They find the prospective buyers do not want to take on the responsibility. On top of that, coastal consumers have to be extremely careful of Wind Storm Insurance policies and adding solar to their roof could raise their rates or discredit their insurance.

About CEC’s Roofless Solar Garden

The 7,000-panel solar garden is located just outside of Orange Grove, Texas. The panels are installed and maintained by Clean Energy Collective. In the event a panel is damage or faulty, the panel is replaced or repaired for free. The single-axis tracker technology follows the sun’s path across the sky, maximizing solar exposure and power generation by as much as 15% over traditional fixed systems.