Nueces Electric Cooperative is proud to offer a free PV (Solar) Safety Training to firefighters. As renewable energy options increase in popularity, NEC wants to ensure our first responders are properly trained to handle emergency situations. Five class times will be offered, each four hours in length, during July 10-12, 2014 at the Calallen Nueces Electric Cooperative office located at 14353 Cooperative Ave (intersection of CR69 and CR52).

Please click on the flyer below for more information on registering for the training.


What does “Photovoltaic” mean and what is considered Photovoltaic?
Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. (Solar Panels)

Why did NEC decide to provide this training to fire fighters (FF)?
South Texan’s have solar panels on their homes and businesses. This poses dangers to NEC line crews when they are called to work on a home/business that has solar panels connected to generate electricity in addition to our lines. If the crew is not aware of them or if they are not connected properly and marked properly, this can be a lethal situation.

Firefighters are also exposed to these dangers when called to battle flames at a home or business with solar panels. Additionally, the homes/businesses around a home/business with solar panels can also be in more danger. The utility produced and transmitted electricity to a home can be cut off, but the solar panels can still be producing power and this is very dangerous to firemen. Firefighters have had few opportunities to get this type of training and it is very important to their safety that they understand how to navigate solar panels during emergencies.

Who is this training being offered to, who do we expect to attend, and why do they need this training?
All TEXAS firemen and women, paid and volunteer at no cost. Firefighters will receive CEU for attending. After speaking with the Commissioner of Fire Protection Safety NEC was told this is very needed. NEC prepared and sent a survey to these fire chiefs and from the responses received there is a HIGH need for this type of training in our area. Solar is just catching on in South Texas and first responders are already having to work with solar and may need some help understanding the dangers.

There are training courses, like this one, available in Texas, however the classes cost over $200 per person. NEC is offering the course at no cost to firefighters.

Who is giving the training?
NEC is bringing in a professional firefighter from San Jose California who is has a degrees in both fire science and solar technology. On the days he is not fighting fires with San Jose FD, he is training firefighters all over the US. He has written articles for power magazines and is considered an expert in this field.

What is included in the training (what does it cover)?
All of the basic training needed for firefighters on PV fire safety. Attendees will receive a certificate for CEU.

Is there a cost for this training to attendees?
No, NEC is covering 100% of the cost for this training as a community service.

Does the co-op recommend members install Photovoltaic devices? If so what is the benefit and cost? No, this is not a recommendation to purchase PV. This is just a community service to train fire fighters. If NEC ever offers solar power, it will be a community solar array that members can participate in if they wish.