Make Your Home Holiday-Ready with These Top Electrical Safety Tips | Texas Electric Company

Sure, you can have a safer holiday and save energy at the same time by skipping the festive lights this year, but holidays will not be the same without a few blings, sparkles, and twinkling lights.

The U.S. Fire Administration reveals that 1 out of 4 holiday fires is due to decorations.  In fact, Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires every year! Taking a few simple safety precautions like watering the Christmas tree daily and not overloading your electrical outlets can help minimize risks.

Stay safe this holiday season and still keep your festive decorations with our top electrical safety tips

1. Buying a live tree? Check it for freshness. A dry tree is a serious fire hazard. Choose the freshest tree possible! Bonus: it will stay green longer. Also, be sure to water your tree on a daily basis.

2. If you want to purchase an artificial tree, get the one with the “fire-resistant” label.

3. When buying electrical holiday decorations, be sure to get only those that have been approved for safe use by a testing laboratory that is nationally recognized.

4. Be sure that decorations are kept at least three feet away from heat sources. This includes fireplaces and space heaters.

5. Inspect every electrical decoration before use. Bare or loose wires, frayed or cracked sockets, as well as loose connections may start a fire.

6. Before you go to bed or leave home, be sure that all indoor and outdoor electrical decorations are turned off.

7. Consider purchasing battery-operated candles. Avoid using traditional candles whenever possible.

8. Match the amperage or the power needs of all electrical devices and decorations with the amperage rating of your extension cords.

9. Keep the kids away from holiday decorations and lights, as well as extension cords to prevent burn injuries and electrical shock.

10. Read and follow the use and care instructions that accompany your festive electrical decorations.

11. Consider getting LED lights. They run cooler than traditional bulbs and use less energy.

12. Do not connect more than 3 strands of incandescent lights.

13. Never plug too many holiday decorations and lights into a single outlet to avoid overheating and overloading.

14. Make sure that the cords are not pinched in windows, heavy furniture, or doors. This may damage the cord’s insulation.

15. To avoid electrical emergencies, use insulated hooks to hang your lights.

16. Pack your lights in well-sealed containers when the holidays are over. This will ensure that rodents do not chew on the cords. This will also help prevent potential water damage.

The joy of the festive season can cause some people to overlook the dangers that come with it. Hence, it’s important that families inspect their holiday decorations and follow a few simple reminders to minimize the risk of electrical shock and fire. Regardless of the product or seasonal décor you use, they should all demonstrate one crucial element – electrical safety.

We hope that this informative article about electrical safety tips will help keep your family safe this season. Happy Holidays from NEC Co-op Energy, your Texas electricity company!