East Texas Electric Co-op Regions

East Texas is home to a highly-skilled workforce, massive industrial sites, and cutting-edge biomedical research parks. The region’s business climate is thriving more than ever, and it offers business advantages for distribution and manufacturing operations. Its robust interstate infrastructure gives access to Canada and Mexico, as well as the East and West Coast.

NEC Co-op Energy also provides its services to the East Texas regions of the state. Our retail division can supply power to all the competitive regions in Texas, ensuring our customers gain the benefits of a cooperative electric supply chain anywhere in the state.

East Texas Electric Co-op | NEC Co-op Energy

Electricity Provider in Eastern Texas

New to the area? You might not be familiar with deregulation and how it affected the energy market of Texas. Learn more about the electricity deregulation in Texas here.

Unhappy with your present electricity company in East Texas? Don’t just bear it and grin. Texas is a state that allows you to choose your electricity provider. Now is your chance to shop for the best options, prices, and service that will meet your needs!

As an East Texas electric cooperative, we exist solely to serve the best interests of our members. We focus on customer satisfaction, and this enabled us to keep our costs low while continuously improving energy delivery.

Our East Texas electric cooperative services extend to cities such as:

  • Tyler, TX
  • Lufkin, TX
  • Paris, TX
  • & More!

Discover why many of our members count on us. When you make a switch to NEC Co-op Energy, you will enjoy savings, not unpleasant surprises on your bill. It’s one of the many ways we say thanks for inviting us into your home!