Texas’ Power Grid is Straining as Temperatures Rise

Just recently, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the organization that oversees the Texas power grid, revealed that for the first time ever, the demand for power surpassed 80,000 megawatts. This topped the worst-case scenario that the agency forecasted in its most extreme prediction before the start of the summer season.

The interim CEO of ERCOT, Brad Jones, announced that they are preparing for the possibility that this summer could beat Texas’ 2011’s historic record as the hottest summer.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation announced that if the Texas state experiences a prolonged heat wave, it is largely at greater risk of rolling blackouts. The chances of blackouts are higher with a big number of outages at power plants.

With a sweltering August expected, this year could be a record-setter. In parts of Oklahoma and Texas, daytime highs have pushed into 110 to 111 degrees.

All the appliances that bring comfort that people have come to rely on this summer require energy delivered throughout the grid. As the heat intensifies, power usage is expected to increase, adding more pressure to existing power systems and structures.

Making Texas’ power grid work for you

Like many others, the power grid of Texas is currently under the stresses of extreme weather events and rising demands.

The energy deregulation in the state means that 85 percent of its residents have the power to choose their electricity company. And deregulation means that its voters and residents have a direct influence on how the power grid operates.

People elect the governor who has the power to appoint the directors of the PUC or the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Similarly, the general public elects the managers of the Texas Railroad Commission who run the gas industry. These two bodies are responsible for the upkeep and smooth running of the power grid so that consumers can enjoy reasonably priced and reliable electricity.

Because of energy deregulation, Texas consumers have the power to choose the provider that is fit for their residence or business, and they can choose to switch to a different provider if their current one doesn’t meet their needs.

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