The Best Green Gifts Your Mom is Sure to Love | Electricity Company in Texas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might be thinking about what to give to the moms in your life – your own mother, the mom of your kids, or a mom friend. Why not consider a gift that is environmentally friendly to show that you not only care about her, but the world she lives in, too?

There are a lot of “green” gifts that are not only reasonably priced but are also earth-friendly and will help save her money on energy bills. And while you surely cannot go wrong with the traditional chocolates and card, why not step up your game and make your gift more thoughtful, useful, and meaningful?

Here are some of the best green gifts for the moms in your life.

1. Bulbs

Flowers are typically linked to Mother’s Day. Surprise mom, not with a bouquet, but with beautiful house plants! Gift a plant for her home or garden – it will give her pleasure from tending to it.

Make it a day to remember and send her live green plants, pink azaleas, or mini rose plants. Spring flowering bulbs that are planted in a beautiful container is also a wonderful option. Plants absorb carbon monoxide and help fight climate pollution. Bonus: they can brighten up any room!

Consider ordering another kind of bulb too: an LED. They use up 75 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs and can help save on energy costs. In addition, they can give the same amount of light but have a longer lifespan.

2. Upgrade her appliances

Mothers love to have new appliances; they are perfect for helping lessen the stress of daily demands. Before you purchase, check if the appliance has an Energy Star® option that signifies that it is more energy-efficient than other appliance models. For instance, an Energy Star clothes dryer uses approximately 20% less energy compared to other models.

3. Keep her cool or cozy

Did you know that about half of a household’s average yearly energy bill goes to cooling and heating? Getting her a smart thermostat will help her save on energy costs. A smart thermostat adjusts the cooling and heating of the home automatically, so her home is always at the preferred temperature all throughout the year.

Her home might have cracks or gaps that allow the air conditioning or heat to seep out. Doing some weather stripping or caulking for mom will help stop the air conditioning or heat, as well as the energy dollars from escaping.


Mother’s Day is a special time to show how much you truly appreciate and love the moms in your life. These ideas for the best green gifts will surely make her life more convenient and help her save on energy and time – two things that she always wishes she has more of!