Kids in Mummy Costume

Spooky season is here! While we all love a good surprise, the last type of scare you need is a high electric bill! From appliances to video games, did you know you might have energy vampires lurking at home? These energy vampires mean business and are costing you money. Here’s our top 3 energy efficiency tips to help slay energy vampires!

1.Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

They might not look like it, but those large appliances at home might be energy vampires! Major appliances older than 15 or 20 years should be replaced for more energy efficient models. Consider replacing items like your HVAC system, furnace, and air conditioner to help stop energy vampires!

2.LED Lights Can Help Scare the High Energy Bills Away

Update light fixtures in your home. Try installing LED lights to make your home more energy-efficient. LEDs on average can last up to 25 times longer and uses about 75 percent less energy. They can be more expensive than the traditional bulbs, but you can trust that the savings in your utility bills will offset the cost.

3.When it’s Game Over, Turn Off or Unplug

Whether you’re a fun gamer parent or just have gamer kids,  don’t forget to turn off or unplug! Gaming consoles drain energy and drain savings! As soon as its game over, place in “stand by mode” or unplug.