A brutal winter storm that has left millions without power across Texas. Power plants across the state started experiencing operational problems due to the record setting extremely low temperatures and icing conditions. Wind turbines iced up and shut down and gas plants had similar problems. Texas’s power grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ERCOT, had to issue forced power outages across the state, turning off the power to more than 4,00,000 electric accounts to maintain the reliability of the grid. This started late Sunday night and continued into the middle of the week and beyond. Any retail electric provider, such as NEC Co-op Energy, is not allowed to operate power lines. Please contact your transmission and distribution service provider for outage restoration.

Restoration Updates

Feb 18, 2021 – Majority of customers are able to be restored, but electric companies still restoring outages in the field- NEC Coop?

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Winter electric bill savings tip

The unprecedented winter storm crisis has caused an energy generation shortfall emergency due to high demand and a shortage of generation. Below are some tips to help you save on your winter electric bills.

  • Lower your thermostat & save money – Each one-degree reduction, maintained for eight hours, could reduce your home’s energy bill by 1 percent.
  • Lay down a rug for more heat – You’ll not only help insulate your floors, but you’ll cut down on noise too.
  • Install a furnace filter alarm on your furnace – This will let you know when it is time to change your filters. These alarms will make a whistling sound when they sense that the filters are dirty.
  • Don’t heat unnecessary places – Avoid heating areas of your home that are not insulated, such as a garage, crawlspaces, attic, or storage sheds.
  • Try a HVAC tune-up – Not ready to replace your heating system? A tune-up will help your system run more efficiently, helping you control your energy costs.
  • Protect Your Windows – Clear plastic sheeting on your windows can add more insulation and reduce icy drafts with minimal effort and minimal cost.
  • Consider a ductless mini-split heating system – If heating is uneven throughout your house this will allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms or spaces. It’s easy to install, energy efficient and will save you money on your electric bill.
  • Bundle up your older water heater- If you have an older tank, especially if it’s located in an unheated area, wrapping it with an insulated blanket is a cheap and easy way to reduce water heating costs.