It’s not your normal survey, this one really does make a difference! The annual Member Satisfaction survey is your second largest opportunity for your voice to be heard at the Co-op. “Second?” you may be asking? Yes, the first opportunity is your voice when you elected Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting each October. You use your voice to elect members to serve on the Board of Directors and speak on your behalf to make the day-to-day operating and financial decisions for members. This second opportunity is for you to give us feedback on how those operations are going. This is your personal opinion in action.

Management and departments utilize this survey to help guide us. We take your feedback and your comments and utilize them to support or redefine our methods.

Listening to the member-owners of NEC Retail is not just customer service slang. We work hard to truely make you proud to be a member of your electric cooperative.

So please, take a few minutes to take the survey. Give it to us straight. Tell us what you love about your electricity company; and where we can improve.

Thank you for being an active part of your Co-op!

Take The 2015 Member Satisfaction Survey Now