If you would like to sell power back onto the grid, NEC Co-op Energy can purchase your excess.

You will need to contact your power line provider to let them know you have a solar installation and need them to: inspect/approve, change the ERCOT load profile to Distributed Renewable Generator, as well as install a two-directional measuring meter.  Please be advised that your power line provider may have additional charges.

The Metering Set Up is by Two Channels

One to measure all inflow of power from the grid and consumed which is billed as a normal electric bill which includes: Power line charges + Transmission and Distribution power line losses + ERCOT fees + regulatory fees + wholesale power purchase cost at the power plant’s bus bar + NEC Co-op Energy’s operations cost + taxes + etc.

The second to measure all outflow of the power from your home going out onto the grid.  For this power, we can only purchase from you at our power purchase cost at the power plant bus bar.  Thus, all of the other costs involved in getting the power to your home are not part of the buy-back parameters.  If a home uses 1,000 kWh in a month and also generates out onto the grid 1,000 kWh, you will see the following on your bill.

  • 1,000 kWh consumption billed at our normal rate like all of our members.
  • 1,000 kWh generated is shown as a line-item credit on our bill.
  • There will not be a 0-usage netted out bill.  If this was done, the power line providers would not be paid for their power line services or NEC Co-op Energy

Get Started

  1. Download the Distributed Generation Buy Back Agreement
  2. Print and fill with your information
  3. Email completed form to help@neccoopenergy.com

Contact us if you have any questions. We do not need a 1099 form unless you think you will be selling over $600 in a year. If your system is under 15kW, it will likely not generate that much back out on the grid unless you are gone from your home for a month or more.