Emergency Air Ambulance care, when you need it the most.

Are You Prepared?

HALO-Flight, South Texas’ nonprofit air ambulance service, offers the Guardian Membership. The standard household membership is a $60 annual fee. Average emergency helicopter transportation and critical care services exceed $25,000.

NEC Members have the added benefit of joining the Guardian Membership at a significantly reduced price of $3 per month.

Guardian Membership Benefits include:

  • Decreased out of pocket expenses on HALO-Flight patient bills
  • Guardian Member with Insurance = Zero Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Guardian Member without Insurance = 50% Bill Reduction
  • Coverage for all individuals living within the household on a permanent basis; including custodial, non-custodial children, and dependents at college.
  • Decreased out of pocket expenses on Dallas CareFlite, a HALO-Flight reciprocal partner, patient bills. To learn more about CareFlite’s membership terms, visit their website.

*Effective June 1st, 2023, the Guardian Membership price will increase to $3 per month.

For more information about HALO-Flight, click here. 

View the HALO-Flight service area map here. 

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