A bill credit in December? Yes, please!

Energy rates tend to fluctuate throughout the year as fuel prices increase or decrease. That’s why we set aside a fund—the PowerPerks Adjustment—to help offset any anticipated spikes in the summer months.

From our members:

“You guys are the best. We sign up and save money every month. Then, on top of that we get a BIG CREDIT, too. What a great Christmas present!”
—JoAnn & Ken F.
“It’s an honor to be with a company that shows its customers humanity by giving back something at a time of the year that is all about giving and kindness. By NEC Co-op Energy giving back to me at the end of the year, I can also give to others at Christmas time. It feels great!”
—Lee B.

PowerPerks FAQs

What are PowerPerks?
Is there a difference in the Merry Christmas Credit and the PowerPerks Adjustment?
Why is the PowerPerks fund needed?