All members of NEC Co-op Energy receive a complimentary copy of the Texas Co-op Power magazine. NEC Co-op Energy employees often receive questions from members about why they receive the Texas Co-op Power magazine. The answer is––the magazine is a benefit to both the cooperative and the entire membership.

As a member and owner NEC Co-op Energy–not just a paying customer–you are entitled to know how your business operates. NEC Co-op Energy considers it an obligation to share information on a timely and regular basis. The best way to do this is through the Texas Co-op Power magazine. The NEC Co-op Energy newsletter is located in the middle part of the magazine, and can be distinguished by the colored border. This newsletter is written and created by employees in your local office and is designed to keep you updated on the latest news of the local cooperative, such as annual meeting information, area meetings, youth tour information, outage and construction activities, people who work for you, safety tips, ways to use electricity wisely and announcements, and more.

The main pages of the magazine contain news and interesting features from around Texas. One of the highlights for many of our members are the delicious recipes that included in every issue.

We’re your cooperative, and we’re always working to keep you informed about our operations, community initiatives, electrical safety, energy conservation, and more.

Ready to learn more about your electric co-op?

Missed an issue? Check out our recent editions of Texas Co-op Power magazine below (PDF):

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