Best Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips During Spring and Summer | NEC Co-op Energy

There are a variety of ways to keep your home cool without turning on the air conditioning unit. However, in Texas, when the spring is warm and summers are hot, long, and humid, air conditioning is a must.

Running the air conditioning for most parts of the day can make your electricity bill skyrocket. Luckily, you can stay cool and save money with these air conditioning energy saving tips.

1. Turn off or keep your air conditioning lower during nighttime 

The evening air is cooler, and you can save a lot on your energy bill by turning your unit off and opening the windows. You may also keep your air conditioning low during this time, so it is running less during the hours when you are sleeping. You may also use the “sleep mode” function, which reduces the timer output.

2. Service your unit

Your air conditioning unit will greatly benefit from some basic maintenance. Your filter should be either cleaned or replaced to maintain optimum efficiency. If your filter is dirty, your unit will work harder, which means higher energy costs!

3. Use a portable AC unit 

If your home doesn’t need a centralized air conditioning unit, choose a portable unit to cool just the area where you’ll be staying. A portable air conditioning unit uses around 50 percent less energy than a centralized air conditioning system would to cool the same space.

It’s also important to consider the size of your unit vs the area of your home. A unit that is too small will struggle to keep up, while a unit that is too big will cool your home too frequently and too fast while doing a poor job of reducing humidity.

4. Thermostat control

When it comes to reducing your air conditioning bill and energy consumption, every degree counts!

Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature that won’t make your air conditioning work too hard. 78° F is a good point for an air conditioning unit to run at its optimal performance level. Avoid setting the thermostat less than 8 ° below the temperature outside.

5. Turn off those culprits that emit heat in the home

The computer, television, the corner lamp, the kitchen oven – these appliances generate a lot of heat and will force your unit to work harder to keep your home temperature under control. Save energy and money by turning them off!

Remember these air conditioning energy saving tips during the spring and summer months. Here’s to warmer months ahead, while keeping it cool once your bill comes in!



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