Choice is a powerful thing. And when it comes to choosing your electricity provider, it can be a huge decision, because a family’s energy bill can be its biggest monthly expense. Finding the right energy company can save you hundreds of dollars in yearly savings.

Choosing an Energy Provider

What about your Texas energy choice? A lot of consumers are left overwhelmed and frustrated as they have a hard time understanding the rates, pricing, and complex contracts.

And if you’re a newcomer to Texas, you might not even realize all of the choices you have. The state has one of the most competitive electricity markets in the United States. The price plans can be very confusing and sometimes make promises without being totally transparent, competing on confusion instead of price. So how do you shop?

Choosing the best energy provider

It can be difficult to wade through all of the plans and fine print to determine what you really are going to pay.

That’s how NEC Co-op Energy is different. We’re an electric cooperative (co-op), so we don’t focus on profit; we focus on serving our community, and we don’t bury the real costs in hidden fees.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find that a lot of the promotions by large, investor-owned energy companies only highlight the electric costs. Try to compute the actual rate you are paying per kilowatt hour with them – you might be surprised!

At NEC Co-op Energy, we keep things simple for our members, with differences such as:

  1. We don’t lock you into long-term contracts. There’s no cancellation fee either! Instead, we provide our members with variable rates, giving them the benefit of paying lower rates when the electricity rates in Texas go down or during those months when you consume more energy.
  2. As a not-for-profit co-op, we share our profits with our members. When you become a member, you automatically are a part owner. NEC Co-op Energy tracks your energy consumption each month and how much you pay on a yearly basis. If there is excess revenue at the end of the year, we allocate it as “Power Perks” and “Capital Credits” to our members, based on their energy consumption. Your credits will return to you in the form of a bill credit or cash. Win-win!
  3. Our members get the benefit of an upfront, transparent electricity rate, and friendly customer service. We provide our members with simple, easy-to-understand statements. No gimmicks!


When it comes to electricity rates in Texas, it pays off to learn about your options. Contact us to enroll today or learn more about your options.