Should I expect an increase in my bill?

You can expect a slight increase, but nothing drastic. There are a few components to understanding why:

  • Increased kWh usage: heating your home uses nearly twice as much energy as cooling your home.
  • We experienced extended periods of temperatures below 30 degrees. If your home is heated to 60 degrees, that 30-degree temperature difference will cause your electric heating to run significantly longer. This increases kWh consumption.
  • Natural gas costs increased, in turn, increasing electricity prices.
  • Please visit to view your daily kWh usage.

Am I on a variable rate?

  • Yes. NEC Co-op Energy doesn’t offer a fixed rate for residential members.
  • Our power supply contracts are sufficient to keep us out of the ERCOT Wholesale Market, so our members are protected from these cost.
  • The only variable pricing component is the changing cost of fuel, which is mostly natural gas.

Why are other companies seeing a huge spike?

  • Our power supply contracts were sufficient to meet our members’ needs. We did not have to purchase the increased $9,000/MWh wholesale power resulting from this winter storm event.

What if I cannot afford to pay my electric bill?

  • Call us at 855-632-7348 or send an email and we will work with you
    on a defer payment plan.


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