Small Business Saturday, farmers’ markets blossoming, choosing locally-grown over massed produced: we’re seeing more support around the idea of “going local”. And the good news is, the same is happening with retail electricity.
You’ve probably heard it a few times: customers constantly switching retail electricity providers (REPs) due to bill confusion, added fees or general distrust. So, it should be no surprise that with the uprising of “going local” and a preference to “shop small”, that the business model of a co-op is holding strong in the ever-growing electricity market.
There will always be electricity consumers who simply enjoy playing the market, hopping from one retailer to the next to save a few cents per kilowatt. But, there’s a strong majority who just want to settle down already with the one—a power provider they can love and trust. They’ve seen the light—no pun intended.
Why choose NEC Co-op
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– NEC Co-op Energy, Electricity Company in Texas