NEC Co-op Energy Experiencing Slow Website Speeds

We’ve recently received reports of NEC Co-op Energy members experiencing slow speeds when accessing the website and account information online. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, many cities around the world are experiencing an overall decline in internet speeds.

Quarantines around the world have made people more reliant on the internet to communicate, work, pay bills and entertain. According to an article by the New York Times, “the use of YouTube, Netflix, Zoom videoconferencing, Facebook calls and video gaming has surged to new highs, the stress on internet infrastructure is starting to show in Europe and the United States — and the traffic is probably far from its peak.”

According to the same article, large streaming giants, Netflix and Youtube have reduced the size of their video files and quality to reduce bandwidth. Internet services providers Verizon, Cox and AT&T are working to strengthen network connections their network backbones and upgrading the routing and switching technology that lets devices talk to one another and share an internet connection.

Electricity Company in Texas, NEC Co-op Energy wants to remind our members we are committed to helping to be responsive during these uncertain times. Below are links for quick access to COVID-19 news and resources.

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