NEC Retail members may have noticed a “new” tax that is not so new after all. The Co-op is simply better accounting for a few taxes that all electricity providers must charge.

But these line-itemed taxes have not raised or impacted your bill.

In a nut shell, NEC Retail members have always been paying these cost.  Previously the funds came from the overall Co-op margins.  Now, we have them as proper line items on bills.

Taxes Defined:

  • Public Utility Commission Assessment, or PUCA, is a fee the State of Texas requires to be paid by all electric users regardless if they are non-profit or not.  The funds go to operate the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
  • Miscellaneous Gross Receipt Tax, or MGRT, is a tax the State of Texas requires to be paid to them and is then returned to various cities to help in operating costs.


Both of these taxes are mandatory and NEC Retail has no choice in charging them. The Co-op does not keep them. We must then must pass them on to the proper government entity.

Thank you for understanding and being valued members of the Co-op. We do our best to be 100% transparent and  honest with the member-owners at all times. Because that is the cooperative difference.

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