How we can conserve energy (and our wallets) during peak electricity demands

As summer temperatures rise, so does the demand for electricity. Texas grid operator ERCOT works every day to make sure there’s enough electricity for consumer needs, but when we have extreme temperatures, we often use more than the amount of generation available.

Over-stressing the grid results in higher costs passed on to you, the consumer, that you’ll see on your electricity bill.

Peak demand during the summer months are between 3 and 7PM, so it’s important that we plan ahead and do our part to reduce our power usage so we can keep the grid reliable, our costs down, and to ensure the energy keeps flowing.

Some simple measures you can take:

  • Set thermostat 2-3 degrees higher during peak hours of 3 to 7PM, or higher when you’re not at home
  • Use plug-in fans
  • Only run large appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) in the morning or after 7PM
  • If making food during peak hours, use microwave or slow cooker
  • Close the blinds and drapes during peak hours
  • Don’t run pool pumps between 4 and 6PM

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