At NEC Co-op Energy, it really does pay to be different. As an electric cooperative, we’re able to provide benefits that go above and beyond the traditional electric company you might be used to.

What does that mean for you? Let’s get into it.

We don’t pocket the profits.

When you enroll for electricity with NEC Co-op Energy, you automatically become part owner of our non-profit cooperative. That means you get a piece of the profit-sharing pie in two forms.

  • Capital Credits: At the end of each year, our team calculates any excess revenue we’ve accrued. If we’re in a strong financial position, you may receive capital credits in the form of a bill credit or cash (calculated based on your annual electricity usage).
  • PowerPerks: Because electricity prices can fluctuate throughout the year, we set aside money to help keep our members’ bills stable. If there’s money left over at the end of the year, you may receive a PowerPerks Adjustment. Many members don’t even pay an electricity bill in December.

Since 2005, we’ve given more than $80 million of credits and cash payments back to our members!

We don’t treat you like a number. 

We treat you like the neighbor that you are. Forget being put on hold for an hour just to be connected to an international call center or prompted by a machine. With us, you can get used to being personally greeted by name. If you have a problem, give us a call and you’ll talk to a real, local person happily waiting to help. NEC Co-op Energy is personally invested in your community, because it’s ours, too.

We don’t do gimmicks. 

We don’t even force you into a contract. We genuinely provide competitive prices and consistently reliable service that keep our members happy. If you do decide on a new electricity provider, well, we’ll be sad to lose a member, but you won’t be punished with any termination fees. You’ll simply hear, “Good luck—and we hope to welcome you back again soon.”

Be part of the electricity co-op movement.