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As of August 15, 2023, this page and its links are no longer updated. Please visit the online enrollment portal to access current pricing and electricity facts labels (EFLs) along with the current Terms of Services and Your Rights as a Customer documents, for your location. You may also view our residential and commercial pricing history. For questions please call 361-767-3865 or 855-632-7348

Current Residential Rates

Average Monthly Use500kWh1,000kWh2,000kWh
Average price per kWh16.9 ¢15.4 ¢14.6 ¢


Your lines are maintained by TMNP.




NEC Co-op Energy is proud to be a qualified competitive retail electric provider (CR) in the TNMP service area in Texas. Thank you for considering NEC Co-op Energy to supply your power needs. Click on the links below to obtain more information.

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