Save Energy at Home with a Power Strip | Electricity Company in Texas

In the past, most homes had a bulky desktop computer, a stereo on the kitchen counter, and a television in the living room. Businesses and offices also had quite a number of shared electronic devices. These devices had to be powered on and off with a turning of a dial or a flip of a switch.

Today, many American homes and businesses power multiple appliances. Of course these technological advances are convenient, however they drain power constantly, even when they are turned off. For instance, your laptop computer, your smart TV, and cable box all consume energy even when they are off.

When you turn off the lights at night, you most likely notice the glowing clocks, LEDs, and power switches. All these are sneaky energy vampires!

There is a non-invasive, cost-effective, and simple solution to combat vampire energy load. While you cannot eradicate them with a stake, you may be able to successfully manage energy vampires with a smart power strip. Statistics differ, but many experts say that in an average home, standby power consumption ranges from 5% to 10% of your home energy use. Good to know: it may also account for 2% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide!

You can eradicate the problem of vampire power in your home if you are diligent in unplugging your devices. But with a good smart power strip, you won’t need to. Let’s look at the difference between a traditional and a smart power strip, how you can save energy with a power strip.

Traditional vs. Smart Power Strips

Both traditional and smart power strips have one thing in common: they both provide power to different devices with the use of only one electrical outlet.

The traditional kind of power strip is designed to protect your devices from unwanted power surges. However, the devices that are plugged in will continue to consume electricity as long as your power strip is on, and it doesn’t matter even if your devices are on standby mode! This will undoubtedly raise your monthly energy bill.

On the other hand, a smart power strip will not only protect your devices, but also your wallet! It can efficiently detect when a device is on standby mode, and when it does, it cuts off the power, hence, saving you energy. It can significantly lessen your energy usage, which translates to lower utility bills.

Now that you know how power strips can save you energy, strategically place them around your home, and start reaping the rewards of a more energy-efficient home!


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