Simple Ways to Save Energy this Winter | Electricity Company in Texas

As we brace for cooler weather, families find themselves spending more time indoors, which translates to more energy consumption. Here are easy ways on how to save energy this winter without sacrificing comfort.

Heat your home responsibly

Did you know that cranking up the heat to keep your home warm quickly doesn’t work? Regardless of the temperature setting, your home will warm up at the same rate.


The chimney is like an open window – do not lose heated air by leaving it open! Ensure that the damper is closed when you’re not using the fireplace. Keep the seal on the flue damper as snug as possible. It would also be wise to consider installing a heat-air exchange system that gives off warm air into the room, as well as tempered glass doors. When you use the fireplace, reduce the loss of heat by closing the doors into the room and opening the nearest window slightly or by opening dampers in the firebox’s bottom.

Measure the insulation thickness of your attic

You can check if your attic has adequate insulation by measuring its R-value. The R-value will help determine the kind of insulation material to use and in what thickness. Also, it’s smart to install some inlets and roof vents to enhance ventilation or air quality.

Enjoy the sun

Bask in the free heat by opening the blinds or drapes on sunny days, but don’t forget to close them once the sun sets. Also, make sure that your south-facing windows are kept clean to let the light shine through.

Use a humidifier

Colder temperatures result in drier air. Adding a humidifier to your heating system will make your home warm and comfortable during the winter. You’ll find that you may be able to turn down the heat and save some money!

Replace your light bulbs

LED lighting is not only wonderful for pathways and gardens, they also use up to 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts. For maximum efficiency, turn off your CFL bulbs only if you’ll be away from the room for more than 15 minutes.

As much as we love the cold temperatures, it should stay where it belongs – outside. Make sure that your home is ready to fight the chill with these tips on how to save energy this winter.