Nueces Electric Cooperative (NEC) is dedicated to providing members with more opportunities to participate in renewable energy. To be considered, the NEC Board of Directors requires such a project to meet three requirements for NEC members: it must save members money on their monthly electric bills, it must be voluntary, and the members who don’t choose to participate cannot subsidize the program.

In a previous solar survey in June 2014, our members’ responses to the survey showed us that while many members are interested, some require more information to make their decisions. Through careful consideration, NEC has identified a possible option for those members who are interested in voluntarily participating in a solar program. We are nearing the end of discussions with a community solar array company.

With firmer facts and a greatly reduced cost to enter the program, NEC would like to once again obtain your feedback as we attempt to find a safe and cost efficient way for members to become part of the renewable energy movement.

The results of this survey will help the NEC Board decide if the Co-op will move forward on this project.

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