Spring Clean Your Way into Energy Efficiency | Electricity Company in Texas

With spring in full swing, many homeowners are preparing their homes for next season’s warmer temperatures. You are probably planning to do a lot of spring cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice if your spring cleaning project can help you save on your energy bill, too?

Keeping your home clean and organized will surely benefit your family’s health – it will help save you time, unwanted stress, and eliminate house germs. While spring cleaning this season, consider the ways in which you can save energy. Incorporate these simple spring energy-saving tips to clean your home and make it more energy-efficient while you’re at it.

1. Switch to LED lighting

Begin your spring cleaning project by switching to energy-efficient lighting. Traditional light bulbs use more energy and produce more heat compared to LEDs or light-emitting diodes. By switching to LED bulbs, you will significantly improve your lighting efficiency as they use up to 75 percent less energy. It would also be good to know that they last 25 times longer than the traditional light bulbs.

2. Inspect your doors and windows

Check the tracks and screens in your doors and windows. If dirt has accumulated in your door tracks and windows, they cannot seal properly and will let the cold air out during the warmer months. To prevent cool air from escaping, seal all possible openings and cracks with the use of duct tape or weather stripping.

3. Check your refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most energy-hungry appliances in the home. An average refrigerator consumes about 180 watts, and this translates to approximately 130 kWh per month! To ensure that your refrigerator is energy-efficient, make sure that it closes tightly. If it doesn’t, clean the seals on the door so that it will keep food fresh longer and prevent cold air from escaping. While you’re at it, inspect the refrigerator coils if it needs cleaning. Remove all the accumulated dust, as filthy coils will force the refrigerator to work harder, driving up your energy bill.

4. Install window shades

Putting window coverings like curtains, blinds, or shades will do more than beautify your home, they will also filter the heat and light from the sun. Your home will be cooler, and you need not rely heavily on your air conditioning unit, saving you energy.

5. Remember your laundry room

We depend heavily on our washing machines to keep our clothes clean, but are we returning the favor?

We have an entire article dedicated to making your laundry room more energy efficient. A dirty washing machine won’t effectively clean your clothes. Soap can build up in the tub, and lint and dirt can collect in the plumbing traps. Prevent mildew and mold buildup by cleaning the tub’s filter and rim, and by scrubbing gaskets, seals, and dispensers.


These spring energy-saving tips can make a huge difference in your home energy consumption and in your budget.