The Benefits of Smart Home Technology | Electricity Company in Texas

If smartphones were one of the major advancements in technology of the 2020s, the development of smart homes is the next big leap in the 2010s. Our handy smartphones are powerful tools that make our life so much easier, and incorporating this ‘smart’ technology into our homes is the next big step.

At NEC Co-op Energy, we love how energy-efficient smart homes are! If the convenience of turning on the air conditioning and turning off your lights with a simple tap on your smartphone isn’t enough reason for you to make the investment, maybe family safety, upkeep costs, and savings in your utility bills can be your main motivator.

Now is the best time to start reaping the benefits of smart home technology. Your home can be as ‘smart’ as you make it.

What is smart home technology?

Having a smart home will give you a new level of convenience, as it will enable you to remotely or independently control appliances, devices, or systems within your home. For instance, your home’s lights, thermostat, audio speakers, appliances, security cameras, locks, and more can all be interconnected, allowing you to control them through a touch screen device or mobile phone.

Is your air conditioner still running at home while you’re out of town? Did you leave your home in a hurry and forget to turn your TV off? You need not stress about it. Simply – and quickly – power off your appliances in a matter of seconds from your mobile smartphone device.


This benefit of having a smart home is especially helpful if you have members in your household who are disabled or elderly. The most every day, mundane tasks can be challenging for them to do. Having a smart home can significantly increase their quality of life. The voice command feature can also make the learning curve so much easier for them.

As technology becomes more advanced, setting up automated systems for household tasks like lawn care will help remove unnecessary stress from your life. The hard tasks will become simpler, improving independence and flexibility for your family, especially for those who might not be completely capable of running and taking care of their homes on their own.


Smart homes go far beyond than simply allowing us to avoid unattended ovens and accidental house fires, it can help us keep our loved ones safe, too. Security systems can be armed, camera systems monitored, and doors can be locked from your phone, enabling you to have a more secure environment for your family.

Cost-Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

A smart home is an energy-efficient home, allowing your appliances and devices to work with the least amount of energy needed. If cost efficiency is not enough to get your attention, we are sure that financial savings will. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that through thermostat control alone, homeowners are able to save 10 to 30 percent on their utility bills. These savings can quickly add up in the long run.

These benefits of smart home technology will surely make your home life simpler and more convenient. There are some elements that may require you to make a significant investment, however, there are also affordable, easy changes that you can make today that can impact your home now. Making these small, simple changes to your home’s functionality may help your family embrace the bigger ones to come. Either way, you get to enjoy the potential savings that add up!