Tips for an Energy Efficient Basement

The basement is often an afterthought, especially if you are thinking about what area in the home to target for energy efficient upgrades. It is not the first area you consider when choosing to invest in home improvement projects, nor is it the first place you choose to spend your time.

But did you know that the basement has many opportunities for improvements and upgrades that will help lessen your household energy consumption? If you have not taken steps to ensure that your basement is energy efficient yet, the margin for savings is all the greater.

Below are tips for basement energy efficiency that will help you cut down on your utility bills.

Consider lighting options

When it comes to lighting, basements are, by nature, not energy efficient. Due to its low ceilings and lack of natural light, halogen pot or track lighting solutions are usually installed. For an inexpensive upgrade, replace your light bulbs with LEDs or long-lasting fluorescent bulbs, which uses about 90 percent less energy than regular bulbs. If your budget permits, consider converting your egress windows into lookout ones. Not only will allowing more natural light in will make your basement aesthetically pleasant, but it will also help you save money on electricity.

Insulate or finish the walls

Unfinished basements typically lack proper insulation. Keep energy costs in check by ensuring that the insulation is the right length and thickness. It is worth hiring a professional to give an expert opinion or to help get the job done right. To prevent drafts from leaking out on the floor, be sure to have the ground completely insulated. Using a vapor barrier, keep an airspace between the insulation and the exterior wall.

Replace the windows

Your windows might be allowing treated air to escape your home, especially if they are not of good quality. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime all year round, raising your utility bills. Replace your windows with energy efficient ones to ensure that you are keeping airconditioned and heated air where it belongs – indoors.

Upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances

For maximum savings and energy efficiency, be sure to choose models with the ENERGY STAR label. Invest in an ENERGY STAR washer and dryer and see the immediate savings it will give.

Following these tips for basement energy efficiency will not only lower your utility bills, it will also help enhance your living space.


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