Tips for Setting Up Electricity in Your Home | Texas Electricity Company

Moving is a big milestone for any family. Even if you are excited about living in a new place, it is a life event that few people look forward to. On top of all the daily tasks that need to be accomplished, there is so much work involved with a move.

Setting up electricity is one of the basic – and most important – things that you have to get done. Need some help? Here are some tips from NEC Co-op Energy, your Corpus Christi electricity provider.

In Texas, you have the power to choose.

Most people who are considering a move to Texas are not aware that they have the freedom to choose their preferred electricity company. Texas has the biggest competitive energy market in the United States, and more than 85% of its population live in deregulated areas. These are the regions where energy suppliers compete with one another to provide power. More information about the electricity deregulation in Texas can be found in our blog.

Is the area you are moving to deregulated? You may be surprised to discover that not every city in Texas follows the same delivery practices. There are some instances wherein some markets stick to the same old regulated model. A good example would be the city of Austin, where you can only get service from one provider.

If you are going to move to a deregulated area, you need to understand that there is a difference between your utility and energy company. You also need to familiarize yourself with the local retail energy providers.

  • In a deregulated market, a utility company – also known as Transmission and Delivery Service Providers (TDSPs) or TDUs – is responsible for delivering electricity to your home, reading the meter, restoring power outages, and maintaining the lines and other electrical equipment.
  • An energy or electricity provider, also known as retail electricity providers (REPs), light companies, and power companies, are companies that sell or market electricity to consumers. The REPs purchase energy from the utility companies and resell them to residents and businesses. They give you the rates, plans, customer service, and bills. Residents in deregulated markets like Texas typically choose from many different providers.

More information about the difference between a utility and energy company can be found here.

Do a comparison-shop

You want to go for a retail electricity provider that fits your needs. We recommend that you do the following:

  • Check the rates. An electric plan comparison tool will be very handy. It will give you a nice overview to help you narrow down your options.
  • Look for perks. Does the provider offer to give back profits into their customers’ pockets? NEC Co-op Energy is a Texas electricity provider that always has its members’ best interest and experience in mind. Month after month, their members enjoy great savings through PowerPerks Adjustment and Capital Credits.
  • Check the website. As soon as you have a list of energy providers, check their website for detailed information.
  • Compare customer service. Energy is a commodity that we constantly need. Regardless of how temporary it is, a disruption could leave a negative impact. This is where excellent customer service comes into play. Of course, your local utility is in charge of fixing power outages, but your energy supplier can still keep its members updated with outage-related issues. Get a feel for the quality of a provider’s customer service by going through their member testimonials.

A quick checklist before you move:

There are some things you need to do to ensure that setting up electricity goes smoothly before you move.

  • Set a move-in date immediately. Your electric company will require the date of your move and your address before they can get a service set up. Solidify a moving date so you can attend to the transfer of service right away.
  • Pay all current balances. It is always wise to go over your present utility accounts to ensure that you have no late or outstanding payments due. You don’t want this to interfere with your ability to set up service or affect your credit score.

NEC Co-op Energy, your Texas electricity company, is here to make your move a little easier. Our cooperative serves thousands of members in Texas, and they all enjoy friendly service, honest prices, and great perks!