Ways to Save Energy Outside

When homeowners think of ways to lessen their energy use, they normally focus on ways to do it inside their homes. Yes, that is a great place to start, however, don’t overlook ways to save energy outside of your home. This will not only result in a lower utility bill; it can also help foster a more sustainable outdoor space.

Here are some ways to save energy outside that will create an eco-friendly landscape while making a positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

Make use of hand tools

A home will be more eco-friendly and more energy efficient if you replace the electricity used to operate lawn power tools with the effort needed to use hand tools. Create less pollution and save money on fuel by replacing leaf blowers with rakes, weed whackers with clippers, and electric lawnmowers with push mowers.

Look into lighting options

It is wasteful to leave the yard lights on all night. Why not go for other energy-saving options? Motion-sensor lights only turn on when triggered by movement.  There are also solar outdoor lights that collect energy from the sun and release that power at night. You can also choose to replace your existing lighting with Energy Star models to help reduce energy use.

Plant a shade tree

Doing this will dramatically help regulate your home’s temperature, and can be your ally in energy efficiency! During warm weather, it blocks the sunlight from entering your windows. When it sheds its leaves during winter, the tree allows sunlight to warm up your home, reducing the load on your heater or furnace.

Upgrade your pool

During the hottest days of spring and summer, few things are more refreshing than drinking a cold beverage outdoors after cooling off in a pool. If you have a pool, do not forget to install the latest in pumping, filtration, and heating technology. This will help lessen the amount of water and energy you have to consume to keep your pool in good condition. Use a solar blanket when the pool is not in use to prevent evaporation and keep it warm.

Just like indoors, there are ways to save energy outside the home. While it’s true that making the most of these opportunities will require extra effort on your end, the benefits are considerable and are yours for the taking.



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