Amount we've given back to our members in the form of capital credits and power perks.

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The Best Electric Company in Texas

Providing Electricity for Your Home or Business

NEC Co-op Energy is a local, not-for-profit cooperative electricity provider, dedicated to providing residential and commercial electricity service to our members across Texas with honest, upfront pricing.

Why Opt
for a Co-op?

Texas consumers have hundreds of options when choosing an electricity provider. At NEC Co-op Energy, you’re a member, not just a customer—so you not only get the quality electricity service that you’d expect from a major corporate supplier, but you get the benefits of shared ownership.

The Benefits of Choosing
a Texas Electric Cooperative

One major benefit of a co-op: Our profits go back to you—our members—in the form of capital credits. The amount of capital credits you earn each year is based on how much energy you consume. We reinvest the remaining funds to improve our service, supply networks, and proudly into our communities.

Comparing Your Rate to Other Electricity Providers in Texas

The cost of electricity in Texas is determined by the consumer’s hourly consumption, measured in kilowatt-hours. The more kilowatt-hours (or kWh) consumed, the higher the electricity bill will be. This makes the exact rate per hour extremely important for consumers.

Try Our
Rate Calculator

With our real rate calculator, you can check how much you are actually paying per kWh with your current provider. Use this rate calculator and find out what the real cost of your electricity is in Texas.

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Serving Businesses
Across Texas

Running a business means trusting your partners. Every cent spent on a kWh can add up quickly—that’s why we work hard to provide honest, upfront pricing to small-to-mid size businesses. View commercial electricity rates here.

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