Eco-Friendly Home: Great Tips on Encouraging Your Family to Recycle | Electricity Company in Texas

The average American family throws away 4 pounds of trash on a daily basis. And it is taking its toll on our planet.

Needless to say, we all have to do our part in making our planet healthier. If you want a more eco-friendly home and are searching for ways to get your family involved, don’t worry – it is possible to get your family excited about recycling. The more engaged your kids are about sustainable practices at a young age, the more you can ensure that they – and the future generation – can enjoy our planet.

Here are some great tips on encouraging your family to recycle:  

Set specific and clear goals

Children may find it hard to grasp the concept of recycling and how important it is for the environment. Give them a simple goal like throwing out 2 bags of trash every week. Take note of each successful week, then you may choose to treat your family to a great meal at the end of a good recycling month. Make recycling a pleasurable experience, and your kids will look forward to reaching your family’s goals.

Keep it easy and simple

If you want to be successful in encouraging your family to recycle, you’ll have a better chance at success if you make it simple for them. Situate recycling bins in a high-traffic area of your home and make sure that they are marked prominently. You can also help your kids remember how to sort items by using a different colored bin to separate recyclables, trash, and food waste.

Share the profits with them

Some places offer a financial refund for recycled things. If such is the case in your community, split the profits among your family members! Having a source of income will be much appreciated and will make your kids more determined to recycle.

Work with them

Teach your kids to be more resourceful with the materials that they use at home. There are some items that can be recycled without going to the recycling bin! A food container can become a pencil holder, or you can teach them to write on both sides of the paper. Your children look up to you, and they tend to mirror your behaviors and actions. You can set a positive example by donating the clothes your kids have outgrown to charity.

Recycling is important, and we hope that these tips on promoting an eco-friendly home by encouraging your family to recycle will help. Find ways to instill a deep appreciation of our planet into your kids by enjoying some time outdoors. Remind them exactly what your family is aiming to protect. For kids, the idea that simple acts of recycling can make a huge difference can be particularly inspiring.