Energy Efficiency at the Office

Are you looking for ways to boost energy efficiency at the office but are concerned about the investment that is required to achieve this? We have good news: installing new windows and solar panels are not the only way to make this happen. In fact, any company can be energy efficient by kicking off initiatives and inspiring employee efforts to conserve energy.

Below are some helpful ways to promote energy efficiency at the office and encourage employees to become more eco-conscious.

Start an energy newsletter

One of the best ways to encourage your employees to be more energy conscious is to offer continuous encouragement and ongoing education. Begin sending out a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter that highlights energy efficiency to your employees. Include eco-friendly advice and tips, and offer snippets of facts about company trends, the environment, as well as energy consumption. Avoid getting too technical or heavy, it’s best to keep the tips simple and quick to implement.

Get an energy audit

It’s best to identify your weak spots before you go on looking for ways to save energy. Hiring a professional energy auditor can help evaluate your office’s energy efficiency. After the inspection, use the report provided to guide your eco-conscious changes and actions and to keep track of your efforts.

Update office lighting

A lot of buildings have anywhere from tens to dozens, to even hundreds of lightbulbs that stay on 24/7. Update your office lighting to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are more durable, last longer, and consume 75 percent less energy. Another option would be to install motion sensors in empty offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces that are not used frequently so that the lights automatically switch off when the space is not in use.

Unplug whenever possible

Energy vampires are devices and appliances that use electricity even when they are turned off. Needless to say, they can really drive up your total utility bills. Encourage your employees to unplug devices after use, especially at the end of the day, and to set their computers in sleep mode when they are away from their desks. Another solution to combat vampire energy load is through the use of a power strip. A smart power strip can immediately detect whenever an appliance is on standby mode. Once it does, it cuts the power off, helping save energy.

Create a rewards program

Nothing inspires action better than an incentive – and a little competition. Launch a competition aimed at saving energy to urge employees to lessen their power consumption. You may offer an hour of paid time every month or a gift card to the team member who uses the least amount of electricity, recycles the most, or has the least sheets of printed paper. To keep the competitive spirit alive, keep the results posted in a common area.

Managers and employees alike can have a big impact on the energy use of the office through ongoing initiatives, be it big or small. Try these tips and practices as soon as you can, and you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll conserve energy and start seeing the results!


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